Our Team at McCarroll's Alfa Romeo

At the McCarroll’s Automotive Group, we see our valued staff as members of one big extended family who not only look after customers with great care, but each other.

A happy employee is a loyal employee, which is reflected in the fact that several staff members have been a part of the McCarroll’s family for over two decades, including Spare Parts Interpreter Richard Loughnan (36 years), Workshop staff Beatrice Low (35 years) and Anthony Roberts (29 years) Nicaso Sode and Scott Stoneham (both 25 years), Peter Wiltshire and Mandy Phelps-Ross (both 22 years), Yiu Chuen Wong (21 years), and Joshua Ranaldo (20 Years).

At McCarroll’s we celebrate and reward staff for their hard work, ensuring that both their work life and home life are equally fulfilling.

As a result, the McCarroll’s Automotive Group offers nothing less than warmth, professionalism and impeccable customer service to every customer who walks through the door.

“It's a cliche that there's no substitute for experience, but in this instance that’s unquestionably true,” says Phil McCarroll.

"The secret to success in any business is its culture,” ads Simon McCarroll, “which is entirely driven by the staff who work there. The reason McCarroll's has excelled is pretty obvious when you look at the people in this room.”

-     General Manager at Alfa Romeo Artarmon is Michael Tu, who has been with McCarroll’s for over 10 years. 

Our Team


Kim is our Sales Manager. He is well known for his outstanding customer service. Kim has been part of the McCarroll's Automotive Group for over 5 years.

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02 9305 5788


Michael Tu has been with the McCarroll's Group for over 10 years. His enthusiasm, knowledge and leadership culminate in a fantastic experience for staff and customers alike.

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02 9305 5788